Exciting partnership with Kyndryl

At Tameshi, we know it’s difficult to go alone on the road to success. Thus, we always reach out to team up with valuable partners to realize our customer ambitions and bring them more satisfaction in outcomes.

With the sounds of drums, we would like to announce our collaboration with Kyndryl, one of the IT giants. Kyndryl is a spin-off of IBM, with 4 000-strong customer base spread across 60 countries, including 75 of the Fortune 100. The company’s portfolio includes projects with Mitsubishi, Japan Airlines and Bank of Ayudhya. Kyndryl helps enterprises successfully navigate complex cloud journeys and modernize key business applications to run on the cloud.

The same unsatisfied hunger for innovation drives us to build new and more secure cloud-native applications and modernize applications across industries.

By combining forces with Kyndryl, we can help our customers speed their digital transformation, leading to innovation, availability, reliability, and cloud security.

Together, we’re helping organizations achieve their goals. We’re committed to the success of our customers. This partnership brings respective expertise and unique skills, which empower our clients in their cloud journey and grow their businesses.

We make a difference. Together. We share the same mission with Kyndryl, and this collaboration gives us an incredible opportunity to learn from each other and continue improving our daily work.

As a team of AWS-certified professionals, we optimize customers’ migration journeys, tapping into our competencies and AWS Well-Architected Framework. At Tameshi, we create solutions to help enterprises accelerate their cloud adoption. At the same time, we care about your security and compliance with local regulations, and our technical support allows you to reach speed, scalability and cost reduction.

We specialize in large-scale cloud transformations for enterprise clients. Our experienced team of engineers makes the adoption of cloud – fast, secure and simple. Want to start your cloud journey? Get in touch with us.