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Tameshi is taking a part in Lumior entering to the next phase of digital transformation strategy, where new harmonised and uniform digital channels will be introduced across the Baltic markets for both online and mobile banking. This, coupled with the efforts being allocated to process automation, will provide to Luminor customers effortless and intuitive experience, focusing on customer-centric service design and accessibility.


“The dynamic development of Redan’s mobile app meant that the company decided to implement a cloud solution to maintain the highest standards of its use. The company decided to choose a project by Tameshi, based on AWS. – That was a reasonable decision, focused on long-term development, but taking a little bit of courage from us as well. Today we are certain that it was worth it – we’ve gained new tools that enable us to develop the company dynamically” – points Paweł Kalinowski, IT director at the Redan Group. 

Tameshi successfully designed and implemented High Availability solution over a range of proxy servers which allows for automated operation and server substitution in the case of any malfunction, as well as the Apache-based Web Application Firewall cluster to keep web application projects and servers safe.

“Their experience in complex system design, excellent command of automatisation and optimisation processes and, above all, professional approach made our cooperation a pleasant experience and a recipe for success.”

Tameshi played a major role in architecture design for Multi Public Cloud Transformation of a Global HR & Placement Services, applying their knowledge about AWS to design and centralize a generic IT (hosting & network) services from Individual Operating companies and deliver them as a shared services through transformation onto digital public cloud and software defined commodity network.

Medicalgorithmics is a public company that develops advanced cardiology systems. The flagship product of Medicalgorithmics is PocketECG, a system for heart arrhythmia diagnostics which in the United States is one of the most popular systems for long-term cardiac monitoring.

Tameshi has audited the AWS infrastructure for Medicalgorithmics and will provide optimization and consulting services in the coming months. We look forward to implementing changes that will provide Medicalgorithmics customers with the best possible performance.

Thanks to Tameshi’s know-how, their professional approach and efficient management enabled our company to expand, offering our clients services at a large scale and reduced time to market.

AWS based solutions implemented by these cloud professionals helped us reduce the cost of websites implementation and hosting, increased their reliability and robustness, which is not only an added value to our customers, but also strengthened our brand name.


“Tameshi provided us with advice on restructuring continuous delivery and continuous integration processes (…) successfully implemented ELK over a group of more than 100 servers, which provides our company with invaluable information on our resources usage and possibility of further resources optimization…”

“Their broad understanding of cloud technologies led to successful new architecture creation.”

Tameshi took a part in the implementation of the new Earth Observation Services online system introduced by Eversis on behalf of the European Space Agency.

The eoMALL platform will enable the interactive promotion of downstream EO-based products services focused on the needs of a global user-base. Tameshi is responsible for release the eoMALL platform on AWS, professional LifeRay configuration and CI/CD implementation. We are cooperating with the Eversis team to run the eoMALL system with the best possible result.

Tameshi designed and deployed full AWS based CI/CD chain, and “not only professionally advised how to seamlessly integrate our applications with AWS, but also successfully implemented them to cloud infrastructure, advising in the area of continuous delivery and integration.”.