Transfer of a business to the cloud is a technological leap forward that enables to test new solutions and respond dynamically to market challenges at a significantly lower cost. – With cloud, no online store has to fear massive traffic growth on Black Friday, and on the other hand, there is no risk of overpaying for unused resources – says Maciej Cetler, CTO at Tameshi Investment. And explains why choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the best choice among cloud solutions available on the market.

The cloud computing market has been experiencing a very dynamic boom over the last few years. According to Canalys analysts’ data, spending in the cloud services sector reached nearly $107 billion in 2019 (from $78 billion in 2018). For many years now, Amazon has been the market leader, whose AWS (Amazon Web Services) achieved a market share of 32% in the fourth quarter of 2019. Analysts claim that cloud technology will continue to gain ground in the next few years. Numerous research concerning companies’ interest in implementing cloud solutions also confirm this.

Flexibility is a business advantage

Moving the company’s IT system to the cloud in the first place is a technological leap forward that enhances competitiveness and expands the company’s business opportunities. The reason is that this technology removes some of the limitations and costs related to the IT environment.

Using traditional centers it is necessary to invest in people essential to operate the machines, in special premises, air conditioning and security. When it comes to the cloud, all these issues belong to the service provider – says Maciej Cetler.

One of the biggest strengths of the transition to the cloud is the flexibility of the IT system. The disk resources or computing power of a particular hardware can be reduced or increased very quickly and easily, depending on current needs. – So, if a company once a week produces a labor-intensive report for the board which requires running several servers, it does not have to maintain these servers for the rest of the days. AWS will activate the appropriate resources only for the specified period of time and the client will pay no more than what he actually used – explains Maciej Cetler.

We should also remember that usually servers are purchased once every 3-5 years and after that period their value drops even by 80%, and furthermore, the cost of maintenance and service of the machines increases significantly. Often in this situation replacing the equipment with a new one is more cost-effective. Moreover, new technologies and solutions enter the market, which may be difficult to implement in the on-premise version. – In the cloud we get rid of all these limitations. We have a scalable and flexible tool that can be easily and quickly modified – says Maciej Cetler.

AWS Tools – how to use ready solutions

The implementation of cloud solutions provided by AWS enables the use of a wide range of ready-to-use tools as well. These include areas such as 3D modeling, blockchain technology, big data and artificial intelligence. – It’s about making it easier for customers to get their problems solved and about making these processes fast and cheap – says Maciej Cetler.

Amazon offers, for example, services that meet the most frequent and typical customer needs. These are e.g. database servers with high availability and backup. The offer also includes unlimited storage of Amazon S3 type, or more advanced systems such as the Redshift data warehouse, whose maintenance is much cheaper and at the same time easier than the traditional model. Another example of a solution valued by companies is Amazon EMR, which is a platform for processing large amounts of data in the cloud, enabling quick analysis of enormous resources.

Big data is a great business opportunity, as instant analysis of a huge amount of data makes it possible to work more effectively. If a company needs to carry out complicated calculations to find out the way customers behave on its websites, they don’t have to purchase several very expensive servers. Redshift and EMR services help to get simple answers to very complex questions, within a small budget – explains Maciej Cetler.

Such a solution enables e.g. an online store to predict on the basis of historical data what resources will be required to handle increased traffic associated with Black Friday or the launch of a new campaign. If it turns out that customers like to shop at certain hours, the expanded resources can only be launched at that strictly specified time.

AWS offers ready solutions in the managed services model, which means that there is no need to involve programmers in building e.g. predictive models. All you need to do is to submit your data to draw conclusions. There is also no need to invest in computing resources that can handle such operations, because all this is provided by AWS.

What are the costs of migration to the cloud and its service?

The cost of transferring an IT system to the cloud depends, amongst other things, on the size and complexity of a particular IT environment and whether it is modern or outdated. The bigger and more outdated the solution, the more expensive it will be to transfer it. In the long run, however, migration means not only new business opportunities, which results in profit, but also savings resulting from the model of payment only for what you actually use.

The investment in the cloud enables exploration of new technologies, which allows for an innovative approach to the market. We are able to test new models of our company’s functioning, thus keeping our competitiveness and even gaining business advantage. Furthermore, we are able to significantly shorten software development cycles – explains Maciej Cetler.

By using cloud solutions, you pay mainly for computing resources, storage (disk space) and data transfer. The fees will thus increase if the traffic on the website is increased and if, for example, there are foreign users. – Therefore, the role of AWS partners is crucial, as they should advise the client on which tools should be used so that costs are as limited and predictable as possible and the solution is effective. Due to our knowledge and experience, after recognizing the needs of our customers, we select the best solutions from AWS’ wide offer and implement them following the best practices – explains Maciej Cetler.

Cloud vs. data security

AWS has a number of international certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017 (for cloud security), ISO 27018 (for privacy) and ISO 9001 (for medical companies, for example).

Using AWS services we don’t need to bother with patches, because patching against the latest threats is automatic. There is also data encryption and a whole collection of tools that protect software in the cloud, such as web application firewall. In fact, company data in the cloud is usually much more secure than on stationary servers – explains Maciej Cetler.

The level of complexity of AWS solutions in the security area is shown by a long list of institutions and companies that have trusted these tools. These include such companies as BP, General Electric, Philips and Live Nation or Time Inc. The AWS tools are also used by Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn and Revolut.

Using AWS cloud, you can be sure that you get access not only to the latest but also the most secure technologies. And this enables the company to focus on finding more effective business models that will allow it to expand its activities and – as a result – increase profits.

TAMESHI is a Certified AWS Consulting Partner (Amazon Web Services). An experienced team with a vast spectrum of knowledge in the scope of cloud technologies.


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