Make the move
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We can help you reliably and safely harness all the benefits of the AWS cloud, without the complexity.

The process

1. Assess

We sit down together to identify your business goals, assess your migration readiness and determine the costs and benefits.

Migration Readiness Assessment

We evaluate your cloud readiness within the scope of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to establish your current location in the cloud journey, identify strengths and weaknesses, and lay the groundwork for future improvements.

Cost analysis

We assess existing infrastructure in terms of your business goals and perform a comparative cost analysis to establish base figures for migration costs and projected savings to help guide your decision on the best way forward.

Business case

We develop a detailed cloud migration business case to help you align stakeholders around the projected costs and benefits.

2. Mobilize

We create a migration plan, take care of potential gaps in your readiness and build your Cloud Center of Excellence.

Address issues

If any gaps in your organization’s readiness have been uncovered in the previous phase, this is when we start addressing them in a structured manner.

Prepare a landing zone

We establish the scaffolding and key foundational elements to your success in the cloud, essentially creating blueprints for concrete implementations of bespoke solutions to your particular needs.

Build a Cloud Center of Excellence

Take your cloud skills to the next level. We provide training courses for developers and IT professionals. Our methodology helps your team build technical skills for developing, maintaining and monitoring cloud applications.

3. Mobilize and modernize

We migrate your services to the cloud and provide ongoing support in their operation.


It’s time to execute the plan. Our cloud architects built solid foundations, so now we can even move mountains.


We know how to avoid potential security, performance, or extra cost issues. You can rely on our security and integration testing. Everything will work as expected.


We support your journey to the cloud from very beginning to end. Our team is here to help you achieve your IT goals. Tailored support will resolve all your issues quickly and efficiently.

Make a smart move

There’s a lot to consider when migrating to the AWS cloud – we know, and we will have your back all the way.


The right call

Thinking big but without a plan can be disastrous. Following best practices within outcome-driven methodologies, we produce actionable insights and solid migration plans. If there’s more for you to gain outside of the cloud than within, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Security and compliance

Cloud or not, systems can be complex and have subtle vulnerabilities. Leave it to our certified architects and engineers to design and build solutions that follow security best practices and meet regulatory compliance policies. Expert advisory and experience with stringent rules is within arm’s reach.


Complexity and automation

Monolith and manual are bygone terms – but the legacy still exists. We will wrap our heads around the intricacies of your system and gradually introduce modern architectures with automated CI/CD pipelines, turning the past into memory while cutting down maintenance costs and bringing velocity to your business.

Skills and knowledge

Technical goals need to align with business needs. With us, you work with certified experts who understand this as much as you do. Get us on board to train your staff in DevSecOps best practices and tools to gain long-term business advantages that extend far beyond migration to the cloud.



We got the skills
and a track record as proof

What we needed was an efficient, flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure to support us in our transformation journey. Tameshi delivered just that. The expertise and experience of its team make the migration process smooth and seamless.

Gatis Setlers Head of IT Development, Luminor Bank

Certified expertise

Every single one of our experts is certified by AWS and we constantly keep expanding our skills, staying on top of tech that brings the most value to our clients.

Proven methodology

We’re cloud enthusiasts – but that doesn’t mean we’ll lift your business straight into a free-fall. We strictly adhere to engineering best practices and take pride in applying industry-proven methodologies to convert challenges into positive and predictable outcomes.

Read our case studies.


Call us cloud hipsters if you will, but we’ve been cloud practitioners before the term was even coined. Tameshi’s team has dozens of years of combined cloud experience and we continue to apply that knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Read our case studies.

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