Before moving to the cloud, companies may have doubts whether they’re capable of safely migrating their data or managing the new environment.

There’s no need to worry – provided that they choose AWS Landing Zone that enables them to set up the cloud in line with their operational requirements and automate business, safety, compliance and costs processes. Regardless of the size of your organisation, moving to the cloud gives you a chance to use enterprise-class technologies. Thus, SMBs can easily keep up with their large competitors, while sizeable companies become more agile and able to efficiently use their resources. What to expect when it comes to a cloud landing zone?

AWS Landing Zone was designed to take advantage of the cloud’s potential and to facilitate accounts’ configuration within an organisation.

Why is it so popular? A cloud landing zone can help your organisation save time by automating the set-up of your IT ecosystem to run secure and scalable workloads. It also provides customers with a baseline environment to implement a multi-account architecture, as well as processes related to identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging. In practice, it translates into better organized resources, easier scaling in the pay-as-you-go system and increased security, as you can manage the access policy.

Is a multi-account strategy safe?

The AWS Landing Zone will provide you with an environment perfect for the implementation of a multi-account strategy. Why is it so important? Multi-account schemes work for companies that require administrative isolation between workloads and workloads’ limited visibility, or need to implement strong isolation of recovery and auditing data or to minimise the blast radius. A number of accounts, all managed by AWS Organisations, provides the highest level of resource and security isolation and is considered one of AWS’ best practices. What’s in it for your company?

  • You can allocate AWS accounts to different teams, projects, or products within your company ensuring that each of them can rapidly innovate while allowing for their own security requirements.
  • Using multiple AWS accounts simplifies how you allocate your AWS cost by helping identify which product or service line is responsible for an AWS charge.
  • You can use multiple AWS accounts to isolate workloads or applications that have specific security requirements or need to meet strict guidelines for compliance such as HIPAA or PCI.
  • You can easily organise multiple AWS accounts in a manner that best reflects the diverse needs of your company’s business processes that have different operational, regulatory, and budgetary requirements.

In order to take good care of your company’s needs, you need to make a series of technical and business decisions in terms of account structure, access management, and security that reflect your organisation’s business and growth objectives. Why? Because there is no one-size-fits-all answer for how many AWS accounts should be created. It all depends on both your business and business operations. Having determined the number of accounts with your Tameshi consultant, you can start deciding what you want your cloud landing zone to look like.

AWS Control Tower

If you’re looking for a fully managed, pre-packed environment solution, choose AWS Control Tower. It’s designed for companies looking for pre-configured solutions enabling them to start their cloud journey ASAP. The AWS Control Tower helps you build out an initial prescriptive cloud landing zone configuration, use out-of-the-box guardrails and blueprints, and create new accounts using AWS Control Tower account factory with just a few clicks. Don’t worry about governance. All accounts are created and run in line with the compliance policy and predefined regulations.

Custom-built landing zone

If for some reason Control Tower doesn’t meet your needs, consider developing a custom-built landing zone. To get you going with identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging, you need to implement the baseline AWS environment. Remember that you need to have enough expertise in AWS to operate the solution once it’s been deployed. If you decide to implement the custom-built landing zone, we recommend working with an AWS partner providing services in setting up the system as well as training your team.

Who needs AWS Landing Zone?

The answer is simple: any and all organisations that need to move fast in order to keep up with the competition, stay on the market, and grow. The solution provides them with an agile and flexible environment to adjust their operations to current business needs in a secure, compliant and scalable manner. Therefore, if you want to differentiate your resources, set up a safe data environment and speed up your IT operations, you’ve come to the right place.


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