Atlassian Procedures

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Atlassian procedures

The mythical titan carrying the entire sky on his shoulders has become an inspiration for groundbreaking Atlassian IT projects with a specialty in team work solutions. The symbol of control, power and determination falls into the nature of the offered solutions. We are experienced in deploying Atlassian server versions on an AWS platform. Implementing Atlassian procedures will allow to unlock the potential of every architecture team in your company! Thanks to this, changes in teams will be fluent and more efficient.

Tesla, NASA, Space X, Airbnb, Spotify, Snapchat, BMW, BlackRock, Sotheby’s, PayPal are just some of the giants that have implemented Atlassian’s products.  These solutions are used in a total of 85% of USA’s top 100 biggest companies.  So, if the information flow within your team fails and work on projects is just not going the right way, Atlassian apps will help you set the right path. Using implementations provided by TAMESHI, you have a chance to track the team’s condition and use its full potential.

  • Jira is the perfect system for work in agile methodologies. It allows to delegate tasks, tick them off and log working time in a clear and intuitive way.
  • Confluence is a content editor allowing for group work: knowledge sharing and management of communication in a convenient way.
  • Bitbucket is an online repository for storing code for developers in the form of a distributed version control system. The only common Git solution, that scales in bulk.

Atlassian procedures with Tameshi