Worried about cloud security?

From the beginning of IT, security is by far one of the most important subjects. Big companies are threatened and worried about their infrastructures security in the same way as normal users. Most of people who have heard the word ‘Cloud’ are concerned about data safety, integrity and would like to protect their know-how in the best possible way.

In Tameshi We take security as highest priority possible, that’s why we follow a security by design principle. We advise our customers how to ensure, that their data is protected against accidental or malicious breaches. We can review Your current setup that includes Security Groups, IAM, third party federation, S3 buckets and inform You whenever the current configuration might possess and threat. During our exploration of the infrastructure we analyze how to ensure Your data is protected at rest, do You use proper encryption mechanism and how up to date are systems that You are using.

Based on our finding we create a report that informs You about possible (or none) configuration misbehaviors and possible follow ups.

The engineers at TAMESHI help to design or reconstruct your environment in terms of the infrastructure’s cost-effectiveness: proper instance size, native implementation of AWS services, intelligent notifications, tagging costs, automatic resource withdrawal.

The TAMESHI team will help you control cloud costs thanks to monitoring and management based on data, usage as well as particular needs, and therefore lower expenses thanks to alternative types of AWS instances and advanced automation.

Audit service allows to identify shortfalls and defects in the scope of software, target threatening factors and circumstances in technical infrastructure and establish directions of action targeted at removing the identified irregularities.