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Virtual machines and databases on a platform model – these are just some of the most popular among over 90 services available in the Amazon Web Services offer. As an AWS Certified Partner, we have made ourselves a target to supply entrepreneurs and their companies with tools and services that are key to achieve the goals set. We offer consulting, assistance and help in deploying AWS products. Are you wondering how to optimize implementation of your AWS solutions? We will help you achieve maximum efficiency of your apps. Trust our experience!

TAMESHI is a competent team of leaders in deploying AWS services, as well as creating dedicated solutions in the cloud and redesigning the ones that already exist. By supporting the decision making process, we help to find the tools that allow for flexible performance of resources, and thus, regular savings.

Why is it worth consulting with an AWS Certified Partner?

The decision to move to a cloud and modernize technological solutions is strategic and surely inevitable for most. It is also not easy. How to recognize the right moment and choose among the vast choice of providers? Use TAMESHI’s professional consulting!

  • we are officially an Amazon Web Services Partner. This status allows us to offer comprehensive services for management of cloud infrastructure and other AWS apps.
  • using cloud services and other AWS products, we benefit from the best practices and dedicated solutions to monitor, create backups and secure data.
  • we support business at every stage of migration: from the decision, through deployment and update
  • we have carried out many original implementations and AWS migrations for companies such as Puerta Logic, Eclipse or Spires.
  • certified TAMESHI developers are up for the challenge!
With TAMESHI, you will use the potential of migration to its fullest!

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