ELK Log analysis

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ELK log analysis

Everyone collects data, but not everything has such great value as collected logs. They allow to perform system analysis, give insight into statistics and enable detection of errors or attempt of unauthorized access. Log analysis is also used by such technological companies as Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco and many others.

This solution is dedicated to business clients as an optimal tool for collecting and managing logs from many apps on the AWS cloud. Our ELK implementation understands them and is able to integrate them with each other. Perfect knowledge of AWS tools allows for correlation of logs from different sources, giving a full picture of the infrastructure’s use.

Thanks to TAMESHI, you can instantly make use of one of the best systems for automatic log management, while skipping the difficult development process and focusing on fast and efficient deployment.

The tool allows for:
  • Notifications and alerts in relation to the whole environment
  • Detection of malware-related threats
  • Configuration analysis
  • Monitoring and tracking of environmental capacity
  • Tracking environmental changes
  • Advanced log search
  • Safety log analysis and audits
  • Collecting web information in L2-L7 layers

Log analysis with Tameshi