WordPress on AWS


Amazon Web Services offers various options that can boost up your WordPress sites to be as reliable as possible. While choosing the best one, You have to consider many pros & cons of the AWS solutions, that we mentioned in the How to find the best way to run WordPress on Amazon Web Services


In case You don’t know which one will be the best – You can trust our experience.

Our company can help You to choose the best configuration and then migrate your WordPress to AWS by making advantage of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) – a principle that ensures you use what’s best in AWS. We advise you which type of WordPress hosting you should choose and how to optimize it in a way that ensures your sites to be always UP and as secure as possible. You don’t need to know AWS, it’s enough that we do, so we can help you choose what is best for Your business.


We provide support of migration services, WordPress tuning,

infrastructure security and regular monitoring of your WordPress apps in AWS environment.


One of our top solution, Tameshi WP allows to run your WordPress sites at a very low price. Typically, Highly Available site generates a cost of around 1.300 USD per year when using only on-demand instances or 50% of this amount in case it is decided to go with 3 year contracts (reserved instances) with AWS. Using our solution, You can host WordPress on AWS and lower your bills up to 95% (to as little as 50USD / year) without any long-term commitments.

We will be happy to analyze Your WordPress readiness for using our Tameshi WP solution. 


Tameshi, as AWS Consulting Partner, specialises in AWS Migrations, Cloud Consulting, DevOPS and IaaC.


Contact us at contact@tameshi.eu for more details.