tameshi digital transformation fcmg

Business focus

  • Digital transformation
  • Efficiency 
  • Cost optimization

Main technologies used

  • Amazon EC2 
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Auto Scaling Group
  • Relational Database Service

Project highlights

  • High availability service used by mobile devices

About the client 

Our client represents a local branch of one of a leading packaged food brands worldwide, present in more than 180 countries. With several hundred workers, the production plant meets a substantial part of consumer demand for companies’ products in Europe. 


Going digital to streamline manufacturing process

What the client needed was to make production line maintenance more efficient. To achieve that they implemented a dedicated application to log technical checks, which needed to be available for multiple mobile devices 24/7. The app was deployed in AWS Cloud to make sure that it runs with no service outage, even during new version deployment. 

Tameshi helped ensure business continuity and efficiency

This is where Tameshi’s experience came in. Our team prepared project design using best AWS practices so that deployment could be conducted independently of current usage. All upcoming app releases can happen without employees experiencing any service disruption. Maintenance outage was limited to none, which means that even during application crash, staff can continue their work as usual. 

Thanks to that, our client can focus on other aspects of business operations. What is crucial, additional cost of maintenance outage causing employees to be unable to do their job was also eliminated. 

About Tameshi

Tameshi is Advanced AWS Consulting Partner focusing on supporting financial institutions on their cloud journey. With over 50 experienced experts, Tameshi team has unique competencies to assist its clients in digital transformation, cost optimization & cloud infrastructure audit as well as in the compliance area. Tameshi is also AWS Lambda, API Gateway and Config Partner. This confirms its expertise and a proven track record in building and migrating solutions to architecture running on serverless computing as well as auditing and evaluating configuration of clients’ AWS resources.  

Tameshi is a proud partner of companies including Luminor, Medicalgorithmics, the European Space Agency and many more.

TAMESHI is a Certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. An experienced team with a vast spectrum of knowledge in the scope of cloud technologies.


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