Would You like to cut down cloud costs?

Would You like to make it simple?


Cloud solutions are nowadays gaining an increasingly wider market. Compared to traditional solutions, they are a very attractive alternative. Leaving the risk connected with proper infrastructure management to the cloud providers, elastic resource adjustments and competitive pricing add up to a big plus as compared to in-house solutions.

While planning a cloud migration, we usually estimate the maintenance and support costs. Well suited pricing plan definitely tips the balance of profitability in favor of AWS. Managing instance availability time is one of the cost optimization techniques.



Let’s be frank, most of the cases there is no need for 24/7 resource availability, but only during standard office hours, say 7:00-17:00. Instances can be managed by manual switching on and off or… the harmonogram for the automated handling can be set. So if you are really looking for cost optimization, there is really no other alternative than automated schedule unless you are willing to spend your resources’ time for such manual tasks. Due to instance availability optimization for standard office applications, companies can save up to 70% on server operation costs. Paying only for the time resources are used, usually 8-10 hours a day, means that substantial amount of money can be saved for the next 14-16 hours when resources availability are not inevitable.

Amazon provides a ready tool for such resource management – AWS Instance Scheduler. This tool allows to define a very detailed availability schedule for one’s resources giving almost unlimited possibilities the same. High amount of options, however, requires knowledge and time to properly set them up.

Easy way to schedule instances

During our work, numerous times we came across the situation when only the simple schedule like “7:00-17:00, 5 days a week” needed to be set up and we faced the necessity of going through the entire process from scratch for each instance, even though there was no need to configure more options. What did we do then? We decided to simplify the harmonogram creation process to minimize the time and effort necessary not only to create the schedule, but also to implement it on each and every instance under question obtaining the same effect every time.

This is how our Easy Instance Scheduler was created – a solution based on the assumption that the entire process should be quick, easy to implement for the first instance and even easier and faster for consecutive ones. We have limited the number of configuration options to the necessary minimum, without losing the most important thing – the effect.

Our Easy Instance Scheduler is pre-configured for the most common instance usage scenarios, thus may be treated as out-of-the-box solution. For more demanding cases, it also allows to quickly and easily create a new schedule for individual instances reducing application maintenance bills in the cloud at the same time. All you have to do is start creating the CloudFormation template, complete the TWO fields (Stack name, e-mail) and add the appropriate tags to the EC2 / RDS instances. That’s it!  We use this solution successfully on both our clients’ and our company’s resources.


If you are interested in using or obtaining more information about our Easy Instance Scheduler – please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.