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Scalability that opens new technological opportunities, generates savings and allows for dynamic development of both business and new competences – these are just few of the benefits brought about when Tameshi introduced the Amazon Web Solutions (AWS) cloud services at Eversis, the developer of the eoMall platform 

Eversis Sp. o.o is a Polish technology company with over a decade of experience and a mission to support clients’ businesses by providing high quality technological solutions. The company develops its activities in the space sector, offering dedicated IT systems and applications for processing satellite data. It also has undertaken a number of prestigious projects for the European Space Agency, and one of them – eoMall – was a catalyst for changes that culminated in cooperation with Tameshi and the putting into place of AWS solutions. 

eoMall is the world’s first online platform for products and services related to satellite earth observation data.  It’s a kind of marketplace for companies dealing with satellite data, as this platform allows them to present and sell their services. At this time there are just a few participants, as the project is only launching now, but their number is expected to grow over time. As the company responsible for the development of eoMall, we must assume that our computing needs will increase significantly in near future – explains Bartosz Szkudlarek, Business Development Director at Eversis.

That is why the company has focused on creating a special, dedicated infrastructure for hosting the LifeRay application with a solution based on a flexible search engine. This was perceived as the crucial step towards the main goal – system high availability and durability.

Speed and scalability – the benefits of the cloud 

The main assumption of the project realized jointly with Tameshi was the transfer of Eversis systems to cloud solutions and the thorough preparation of employees for self-service of the AWS cloud. The transfer was to guarantee Eversis scalability of resources, and therefore access to computing power depending on current requirements. 

As of this moment, a company no longer needs to invest in hardware, as the AWS ensures that the appropriate capacity will always be at hand. This is a way to save a lot. We managed to achieve this effect after utilizing cloud-based solutions in just a few weeks, with an investment of 50-60 thousand zlotys, plus the monthly cost of AWS service, depending on actual cloud use – says Maciej Cetler, CTO at Tameshi

How did the implementation look like?

Eversis was to be prepared not only for the transition to AWS solutions, but also for further independent operation with their use, and thus for launching further environments and providing services to its customers. That is why a pilot solution was prepared, under which the eoMall platform was transferred to the cloud, and Eversis employees underwent training on how to use the cloud, taking the best AWS practices into account.  

Consultations and analyzes proceeding the finalization lasted circa 2 weeks. The system was then launched to support the client’s work, automate software testing and to put into place the necessary AWS tools.

Each of the elements we created was generated in the form of code in accordance with the assumptions of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) model. This is one of the crucial elements in the AWS policy allowing all infrastructure to be saved in the form of code. This, in turn, makes it possible to migrate between environments without any problems, because the code eliminates possible human errors at this stage – as Maciej Cetler explains.

In the subsequent stage the customer received a prototype of the solution, and Tameshi engineers began working on the LifeRay application used to create corporate portals. – LifeRay posed a challenge because the application had to scale depending on the incoming traffic of the eoMall website, so that we could add additional machines or reduce their number to reduce costs – says Maciej Cetler.

The whole project took some 6 weeks. Eversis has acquired ready-made tools that were developed jointly with Tameshi and has expanded knowledge and skills in using AWS to create new versions of its software and to apply them in the respective environments, from tests to production.

Technological development and new opportunities 

The implementation carried out with help of Tameshi enabled Eversis, first of all, to maintain the high quality of their technological services, without the risk of instability. Thanks to the capabilities and simplicity of AWS solutions, the company has increased its capabilities in the field of application development and use, as well as project and activity management.  

Eversis has created a highly innovative online system, known as Earth Observation Services. Through its experience and competences, the Tameshi team contributed greatly to its development. Full scalability, combined with cost-effectiveness are two crucial AWS features that directly aided Eversis in securing this goal.

What can your business gain?

Moving systems to AWS cloud environments allows you to generate large savings by enabling and disabling servers whenever required. Traditional server rooms operate 24/7 because the engineers responsible for their operation are afraid to turn off the machines, and there are no other benefits too. However, in the case of AWS, the server is launched only after the programmer comes to work, and only then does the company start to pay for that server. Similarly, after finished work, the servers are shut down, and the fee is no longer charged. 

Cloud-based solutions also allow you to generate additional computing power even for shorter projects. – The cloud enables us to literally create environments that look like production ones and can be used e.g. for testing. Instead of paying 4 thousand dollars, we pay just 100 – 200 dollars, and the test is carried out entirely in a professionally prepared environment – emphasizes Maciej Cetler. 

An important advantage of AWS systems that apply the Infrastructure as Code solution is their ability to build self-recovering environments. If the primary server fails, the damaged unit is automatically switched off and a new server with the application in the same version is put in its place. 

All this makes cloud solutions an attractive offer for companies of all sizes and all industries, especially if they store or process large amounts of data. – AWS solutions are much cheaper than classic servers, and they can speed up and improve business in every industry. This is why we encourage even small and medium-sized companies to contact us, and learn about the benefits of implementing AWS – Maciej Cetler added.  

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